MS 271

[work in progress; description courtesy of Paul Hamburg]

18th century, 137 ff.

Contains the text of the Introduction to the order of Zera'im, the first section of the Mishnah, interwoven with the commentary of Maimonides (Rabbi Moses ben Maimon, also know as the Rambam) in Judeo-Arabic. The manuscript includes the 11 tractates of Order Zera'im:

1. Berakhot
2. Pe'ah
3. Demai
4. Kela'im
5. Shevi'it
6. Terumot
7. Me'asrot
8. Ma'aser sheni
9. Halah
10. Orlah
11. Bikurim

Language: Hebrew and Judeo-Arabic, written by at least two different scribes
Gatherings numbered at the bottom; catchwords
Marginal notes in at least two different hands; marginal and interlinear corrections; short commentaries; a few passages crossed out in red ink
Diagrams in red, black, and green ink, some square, some circular
Colophon in red ink, bottom of last folio (recto), with dedication to Araki (hence the name of the manuscript)

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