Lab Policies

Food and Drink

Food and drink are not allowed in the lab.

This rule applies to water in enclosed bottles as well. A student who brings food into the lab must put it away or he or she will be asked to leave.

Eligibility, Account Set-up and Expiration of Privileges

The computer facilities are available for use only by currently enrolled JD, LLM and JSP students at Berkeley Law. You must obtain a password and attend an orientation session to use the computers.

Before using the computer lab you must attend a short orientation session (approximately 30 minutes) where you will receive information about logging in and using the lab.

All graduating 3Ls and LLM students will have access to the lab until the end of the California Bar. After this date your lab accounts will be disabled.

If you are a 3L who is not graduating (for example, if you are a JSP/JSD/Joint Degree student) and will be returning to Berkeley Law in the Fall semester and are also not going to be officially enrolled you should email Michael Levy ( so that we can make special acommodations for lab access. If you are officially enrolled, it is not necessary to notify us as you will automatically appear in our list of students. In your email give your name, program at Boalt (JD, JSP, JSD etc) and expected graduation date.

Loss of Privileges

You will lose your computer lab privileges if you:

  • Allow another person to use your account and password.
  • Reconfigure the operating system of any computer.
  • Use abusive language, sexually harrass, or engage in physical contact with any staff or person using the labs.
  • Remove (steal) any hardware or peripheral from a workstation.

Access for Students with Disabilities

It is the policy of the Berkeley Law Library to provide equal access to library resources and services for all of our primary patrons. Berkeley Law students with disabilities should contact Mindi J. Mysliwiec at (510)642-3263 or for information about services available at the Law School and to arrange for any accommodations necessary to use computing resources.

Privacy and Security

Microsoft Office saves the user's name and organization as part of a document. This will correspond to the user's login, which is the Student ID. To clear this information, Choose "Remove Hidden Data" from the File menu. Note, this must be repeated each time the document is edited.