Robert C. Berring, Jr.Walter Perry Johnson Professor of Law

Taken by Robert Crais


As a wise man once said, if you are going to eat a doughnut, eat a really good doughnut. This book is a page turner that grabs you at the start and might keep you up all night. Crais trots out his protagonist Elvis Cole and the Hawk-like Joe Pike for some serious adventure. The reader learns about people smuggling, immigration problems and Korean gangs but mostly this doughnut is a jelly filled delight. Evil deeds are done, but the gore is not too bad by 2012 standards, though the contemplation of the evil is staggering. The book does make one wish that each of us knew someone like Joe Pike. As a premium doughnut the result at the end is satisfying and, indeed, a lot happier than I expected. This one is perfect beach book. Just don’t read it while hiking in the desert.