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The stepping stone for many legal research projects.

Books and Articles

Start your research with this new "discovery" service.


The Law Library catalog includes only materials held by Berkeley Law Library, and is thus the place to begin research of our holdings of books, including e-books, and journals. Other catalogs on campus are not reliable finding tools for the Law Library collection.

Keyword search for electronic mail monitor*
Note the subject headings assigned to the resulting titles:
Privacy, Right of
Electronic mail messages
Data protection

Keyword search for: patent*
Then modify by location: Reserve Collection

Law Review and Journal Articles: LegalTrac, Index to Legal Periodicals, HeinOnline, and Full-Text Databases

A legal index such as LegalTrac or the Index to Legal Periodicals and Books (both also available on Lexis and Westlaw as, respectively, Legal Resource Index and Index to Legal Periodicals) can refine the search for pertinent articles.

  • Controlled vocabulary for more precise and effective searching
  • Material from historical publications (e.g., Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospetive covers 1918 -1981)
  • Material from local and regional practitioner publications
  • Recent inclusion of full-text documents as well as index records

Search file sharing as a keyword. Note the tabbed results (for journals, magazines, news, etc.) and the subject headings.

Index to Legal Periodicals
Search file sharing as a Smart Search. Note the sources and subject headings:

Peer-to-peer computing
Copyright infringement

Note the UCeLinks button in both LegalTrac and Index to Legal Periodicals, as well as other electronic resources.
Compare the results for "file sharing" in the Westlaw or Lexis full-text journal files.

Full text of legal journals, coverage extending back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries for many of these journals. LawCat includes links to all journals in HeinOnline from their catalog records.

For legislative historical work, see Hein's U.S. Federal Legislative History Library, consisting of two components:

  • Sources of Compiled Legislative History Database
  • U.S. Federal Legislative History Title Collection

The latter includes

  • Federal Copyright Law: The Legislative Histories of the Major Enactments of the 105th Congress
  • Legislative History of the 1909 Copyright Act
  • Omnibus Copyright Revision Legislative History
  • Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization Act of 2002 - A Legislative History
  • Intellectual Property Communications Omnibus Reform Act of 1999

HeinOnline has an unwieldy search engine, useful only if you know precisely what text your're seeking.

Lexis Advance and Westlaw Next

Search Tip: To see the contents and coverage of a database on Westlaw and Lexis click on the information icons next to the database name:
Westlaw =
Lexis =

Lexis Directory and Documentation
Browse Sources | Practice Areas & Topics -- More | Copyright Law [Computer & Internet Law, etc.] | Content Type -- Secondary Materials [etc.]

Westlaw Directory and Documentation
Browse | Practice Areas tab | Intellectual Property | Secondary Sources | All Intellectual Property Texts & Treatises [etc.]

Westlaw has developed its statutes/legislative history materials with Graphical Statutes, a feature that incorporates:

  • Prior versions of statutes
  • Links to enacting and amending public laws
  • Relevant legislative history materials, such as bill drafts, reports, journals, and the Congressional Record
  • Cases that negatively impact a statute
  • Legislation that has been enacted but has not yet been codified
  • Future text of a statute not yet in effect

ProQuest Congressional and Legislative Insight

ProQuest Congressional contains material drawn from the Congressional Information Service (CIS), still available throughout Lexis. ProQuest Congressional is especially useful for gleaning legislative histories of bills that were not enacted.

ProQuest Legislative Insight contains comprehensive compiled legislative histories of select enacted laws from the 13th Congress to the present.

Major IP/Technology Databases, Looseleafs, and Blogs

News and Current Awareness

Bloomberg BNA Library

The Law Library subscribes to Bloomberg BNA services related to IP and technology law, many covered in categories other than Intellectual Property.

Lexis Securities Mosaic
Current awareness of federal agency activities. Although neither the USPTO nor USCO is among the agencies tracked, searches may produce results, especially from the law firm memos database.

Wide coverage of legal news in several practice areas, including: Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment, and Technology. Register your @berkeley or @law.berkeley address to receive daily newsletters.

Treatises & Practice Guides

  • Ian C. Ballon, E-commerce and Internet Law: Treatise with Forms, 2d ed.
    Reserve: KF889 .B252
  • Donald S. Chisum, Patents: A Treatise on the Law of Patentability, Validity and Infringement
    Reserve: KF3114 .C45
    Also available on Lexis Advance as Chisum on Patents.
  • Copyright Law Reporter
    Stacks: KF2991.5 .C67
  • Louis R. Dienes, Intellectual Property in Business Transactions
    Reserve: KF2979 .I4317
  • Jay Dratler, Cyberlaw: Intellectual Property in the Digital Millennium
    Stacks: KF2979 .D725
  • Jay Dratler, Intellectual Property Law: Commercial, Creative, and Industrial Property
    Stacks: KF2979 .D73 1991
  • Jane C. Ginsburg & Robert A. Gorman, Copyright Law
    Reserve: KF2994 .G56 2012
  • Paul Goldstein, Goldstein on Copyright, 3d ed.
    Stacks: KF2994 .G642
  • J. Thomas McCarthy, McCarthy on Trademarks and Unfair Competition, 4th ed.
  • Stacks: KF3180 .M29 1996
    Also on Westlaw Next.
  • Melville B. Nimmer, Nimmer on Copyright: A Treatise on the Law of Literary, Musical and Artistic Property, and the Protection of Ideas
    Reserve: KF2994 .N54
    Also available on Lexis Advance.
  • William F. Patry, Patry on Copyright
    Stacks: KF2991.5 .P38
    Also on Westlaw Next.
  • Specialized Legal Research
    Reference Desk: KF240 .S6432
    Chapter 4: William H. Manz, "Copyright Law."
    Chapter 11: Harold F. See, "Federal Patent and Trademark Law."

General Databases and Indexes with Content Related to Technology

Berkeley Law Library Databases
The Law Library maintains a list of databases purchased by either the law library or the main campus that are of interest and use to law students and faculty. Examples of services that may be unfamiliar but useful for historical and current developments research include:

  • CQResearcher
    Rudimentary but sweeping coverage of issues important to Congress. Good historical archive.
  • ProQuest Congressional CRS Reports
    Proposals and analysis written at the behest or on behalf of Congress by a non-partisan office of experts.
  • Factiva
    Provides business news and information from more than 9,000 sources in 22 languages, including influential local, national and international newspapers, leading business magazines, trade publications, and news wires.

UC Berkeley Library Databases
Additional databases appear on the main Berkeley library system A-Z Databases page. The UC Berkeley list of Articles Databases, contains over 200 databases in many subject areas.
Example: View resources by subject Bioengineering. Search PapersFirst for patents as a keyword.


  • Ars Technica
    News and discussion of technology trends.
    "GOVERNING is the nation's leading media platform covering politics, policy and management for state and local government leaders."
  • Michael Geist's Blog
    Geist teaches Internet and E-Commerce Law at University of Ottawa. The blog focuses on Canada, but often addresses US, foreign, and international developments.
  • Patently O: Patent Law Blog
    "The nation's leading patent law blog."
  • Slashdot
    Copious, but often informative.
  • beSpacific
    A one-woman insomniac operation that magically reports on current events in a variety of legal areas.
  • Technology & Marketing Law Blog
    Updates and commentary by Eric Goldman on cases, laws, and regs.
  • Rebecca Tushnet's 43(B)log
    Copyright, trademark, false advertising and marketing, antitrust...
  • ITC 337 Law Blog
    ITC patent investigations.

Working Papers

Legislative Histories

Federal Legislative Histories

The library's federal legislative resources section has links to a number of databases and government websites.

Already covered above, HeinOnline U.S. Federal Legislative History Library and ProQuest Congressional.

California Legislative Histories

The Library web site's California legislative research section has links to databases, some government websites, and a guide to researching California legislative history.

See also the California State Legislature Bill Search and related tools.

Regulations and Agencies


Regulations are available from numerous print and electronic resources. Lexis and Westlaw have extensive coverage of regulations with specialized topical databases. Lexis Securities Mosaic, described above, facilitates rulemaking tracking.

Federal and state agency web pages are also increasingly important and cost effective ways of doing regulatory research. A good starting point for federal regulatory research is the the Federal Executive and California Executive sections of the Library's web site.

    Example: Search for recent documents relating to Title 37 of CFR.

Agency Websites

It is important to refer to the web sites for the various agencies that deal with law and technology issues. Agencies typically post proposed and final regulations, guidance documents and statements, legislation, manuals, international treaties, and news releases. They also will have online directories of employees, offices, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. The currency and extent of the information will differ from agency to agency.

General Directories of Agencies

Federal Agencies

International Sources

Among the Law Library's greatest strengths are its international and foreign law collections. The resources below are merely a sample. Don't hesitate to contact Marci or Teresa for assistance with any questions you may have about international or foreign legal aspects of law and technology.

Marci Hoffman
Associate Director, International and Foreign Law Librarian
LL1 64

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