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Boalt Express
UC Berkeley School of Law Library
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Phone: (510) 642-0950
email: bex at law dot berkeley dot edu

About Boalt Express

Boalt Express is a non-profit fee based information delivery service operated as part of the UC Berkeley School of Law Library. While the primary mission of the Law Library is to serve the faculty and students at the law school, the broader legal community and public is welcome to utilize the facility. In order to provide extended services for the legal community without straining the resources that must be devoted to our primary patrons, the Library established Boalt Express in 1991.

Boalt Express charges fees to outside users (law firms, corporate legal departments, attorneys in private practice, courts, government agencies, and economic/financial analysis expert consulting firms) for copying, research, and delivery services. This allows the Library to provide access to our unique collection to the practicing bar.

The fees charged for services are designed to cover the costs of operation. Boalt Express is not a profit making entity and does not generate the funds for other areas of library operations. Boalt Express costs include a full-time Law Librarian, a full-time Library Assistant, part-time student assistants, and equipment and supplies.

Our operating hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Boalt Express will be closed on the following holidays: Memorial Day (5/25/15), Labor Day (9/7/15), Thanksgiving (11/26-27/15), Christmas (12/24-25/15) and New Year (12/31/15-1/1/16).

Fee Schedule

Effective 4/1/13

Note: All turnaround times are calculated from receipt of your request, using Pacific time, within our working hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. To ensure same-day delivery, submit a 1-hour order before 4 p.m. and a 4-hour order before 1 p.m.

1 Hour Turnaround $3.00/page ($50.00 minimum order)
NO CANCELLATIONS PLEASE. We begin work on these immediately. Only available for Law Library and online material.

4 Hour Turnaround $2.00/page ($25.00 minimum order)

24 Hour Turnaround $1.00/page ($25.00 minimum order)

Online materials Charges for material available from our online databases are capped at 25 pages per article (limited to 100 pages per file).

Microform Copies Copies from microfiche or microfilm are an additional $0.50 per page.

Other Library surcharge $25.00/trip will be added to each order for materials from any UC Berkeley library other than Law.

Book Loan $30.00/book (2-week checkout period), $30.00/renewal (new due date will be 2 weeks from original due date). All book loans are subject to Boalt circulation policy.

Research Services $30.00 per 15 minutes ($30.00 minimum)

An order is regarded as a completed request on a single client matter number. Once we have sent out a completed order, subsequent requests will constitute a new order. In addition, a request that has two separate client matter numbers will be regarded as two orders.

Invoices may be paid by check or credit card
Checks should be made payable to "UC Regents/Boalt Express."
For credit card payments, please go to

Open a New Account

If you have not used Boalt Express services before, please completely fill in our online order form to include your firm's address and phone number(s). This information establishes your account.

An invoice explaining the charges will accompany each order. You will also receive a monthly statement of account activity.

Please call (510) 642-0950 or send e-mail to bex at law dot berkeley dot edu if you have any questions about opening an account or about billing procedures.