Policies and Procedures

Services Provided

  • Classroom audio/visual support (sound amplification, projection, etc)
  • Audio/visual support for Law School affiliated, on-site conferences and events
  • Audio/visual equipment rental
  • Video recording
  • Audio recording
  • Simple post-production, editing and encoding
  • Normal hours of operation are 8:00am-7:00pm, Monday to Friday

Services Provided by Third Party Vendors

  • Off-site off-campus audio/visual support Recommended: Oakland AV (http://www.oavs.com/)
  • Off-site on-campus audio/visual support & live webcasts Contact UCB Educational Technology Services (ETS), ets.berkeley.edu
  • Duplication and transfer services
  • Broader post-production needs
  • Contact us for recommended vendors

Scheduling A/V Support

  • Send a request email to: media@law.berkeley.edu
  • Indicate start and end time, room, and A/V needs (microphones, projecton, recordings, etc).
  • Allow for 10 minutes setup time, 20 minutes for video recordings, 3 hours for conferences.
  • For events, please notify us at least two weeks ahead of time.
  • For classroom support, meetings, equipment rentals, etc. at least 48 hours advance notice.
  • For conferences please let us know as soon as a space has been reserved.
  • Be sure to schedule a room that can handle your expected attendance, overflow A/V is not always possible
  • For conferences, consider your needs for Q&A. It can be helpful to delegate someone to assist with passing around a mic for questions.

Video Recordings: Things to consider when scheduling

  • Have a clear idea what purpose this video is going to serve and identify your target audience.
  • For events, consider which portions of your event would be truly valuable as a video asset. For example, you may be expecting a high degree of interest in the keynote speech in particular, and less interest in the other sessions of your conference. In this case we would recommend providing audio recordings of the entire session, with a video of the keynote.
  • Communicate to media services how this video recording is to be used (i.e. playable DVD, online delivery on the Boalt website, files on disc for other uses, VHS tapes for library checkout, etc)
  • Understand ahead of time that recordings of more than 1-2 hours can take up to a week and possibly more to manage, edit and deliver. Our priorities are live event support, thus we are not currently able to guarantee predefined deadlines or turnaround times for post-production.
  • Almost every video project requires some degree of post-production – the process of capturing video to an editing station, editing the video, encoding it into the proper format for delivery (usually either for streaming or DVD), and DVD authoring if necessary. Projects consisting of more than 1-2 hours of video require substantial labor costs for post-production.
  • *Release forms* need to be signed by speakers prior to each event.
  • We would be happy to discuss these issues with you during event planning.


Scheduling Online Media (Audio or video for the website)

  • Pre-event, schedule media services and include a request for audio/video recording intended for online delivery. (media@law.berkeley.edu)
  • Post-event, send an email to webmaster-request@law.berkeley.edu. Request the posting of media to the site, and indicate specifically where and how those links should be presented. This may involve converting a pre-event page(s) to a post-event page(s), and locating an appropriate place for media links.
  • For courses, you need only contact media services a usual, just be sure to include a request for video or audio to be provided to your students. We will automatically post these lectures to the course website for your class. The video will be posted within 24 hours, often same day.
  • About Podcasting: If you are scheduling for a regularly recurring event or class, we can provide a podcast subscription feed link upon request. Podcasting your materials simply allows for viewers to subscribe to the course or series of events using client podcast software (such as iTunes), which will automatically download any new events as soon as they are added.

Equipment Check-out

Media Services has various audio/visual devices available for checkout.  Availability is first-come first-served, so be sure to submit a request well in advance. Send an email to media@law.berkeley.edu and indicate the equipment you need, what you need it for, when you need it, and for how long. The following is a list of audio/visual equipment which may be available for checkout:

  • TV / VCR / DVD player
  • Document camera
  • Data projector
  • Laptop
  • Projection screen
  • Various microphones, mixers, amps, speakers, etc.

Contact Us

To schedule support prior to your class or event, email: media@law.berkeley.edu For AV emergencies, or if something is not working in the room, call: 510-590-6718 For questions about Media Services policies, contact: Dino Johnson, Manager of Instructional Technology djohnson@law.berkeley.edu