Whiteboard Apps

With the following Apps you can take notes, sketch ideas, annotate PDF and PowerPoint files, mark-up photos, and record lectures.


Notability App


Start with a blank page, a pdf document or a PowerPoint presentation, then annotate and write on top of it. Share the result file with your students or post it to your bCourses site.

iOS Notability

Above: Notability main screen.

Read this Getting Started guide for more information on how you use Notability to annotate your documents and presentations in the classroom.


Vittle App


Use Vittle to record your whiteboard session. When you’re done you can save a video file to share with your students or post it to your bCourses site.

iOS Vittle

Above: Vittle main screen.


Explain Everything


We’re currently in the process of evaluating Explain Everything to provide a richer whiteboarding experience. Chime in you have some thoughts on it or if you know of a different App you’d like to use so we can evaluate and add it to our iPads.


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