Scanning Documents

To Scan documents into digital format using RICOH network printers:

1. Select ‘Scanner’ on the Main Interface (If you are using the smaller color Ricoh you may be required to select “JavaTM Platform” before moving on to Step 2.

2. Login to Xythos by pressing ‘Login’

3. Press ‘Username’ Type in your CalNet ID and press ‘ok’ at the top right corner of the screen

4. Press ‘Password’ Type in your CalNet passphrase and press ‘ok’ at the top right corner of the screen

5. Press ‘OK’ after both username and password are entered

6. Message will say “Scanner ready. Push start to begin”. If the message says “Login attempt failed”, then you have not set up your WebFiles account or have not entered the correct username and password. To set up a WebFiles account, visit

7. Place documents face up in scanner tray. When ready to scan press ‘start button’

8. Documents will scan and automatically be uploaded to your webfiles/xythos account in .PDF format

Note: Before scanning you can adjust the scan settings, auto image density, and select if you are scanning a 1-sided or 2 sided document. You can do this on the left side of the screen after you have logged into Xythos on the Ricoh machine.

In the scan settings you will have the following options:

  • Black and White (text-print, text-OCR, text/photo, photo)
  • Gray Scale
  • Full Color
  • Resolution
  • Image density
  • Scan size

9. When you are finished scanning your documents press ‘logout’

To retrieve documents scanned into digital format using RICOH network printers:

1. Go to Webfiles login page

2. Login using your Calnet ID and Passphrase

3. Select the “Scan” folder under your directory

4. All of your scanned documents from the RICOH printers will be listed in .PDF format

Note: You may have to re-type your password to access the scanned files

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