Creating Links to Lexis and Westlaw

There are a couple of ways to create links to documents in Lexis and Westlaw.

Via the Web

1) The easiest way is to go the link-building web pages for Lexis and Westlaw and have the web page generate the link for you:

• Lexis:
• Westlaw:

For Dreamweaver: Simply copy and paste the results to your Dreamweaver document.

For Faculty Profiles: Please note that you will have to copy and paste only the URL embedded in the result, not the full text/link provided. The URL is the text between the <a href=” and the closing quotation mark and does not include the quotation marks. The pictures below show what to copy.

Using Software

2) The other way is to use the link-building software that integrates with Microsoft Word:

• for Westlaw, use Westcitelink:
• for Lexis, use Lexlink:

When you install the software, it enables you to automatically create links from citations in Word to the actual document on Lexis/Westlaw. However, it is little klutzy to then edit the link, copy it and paste it into a Dreamweaver document.

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