Connecting To Argyll (Berkeley Law File Server) via VPN – OSX

Requirements: MacOS 10.10 or Higher. MacOS 10.9 and earlier do not receive security updates and are not supported.

1) Open the Cisco VPN Client and enter in the “Connect to:” field. Next, click the “Select” button. (Cisco VPN available here).


2) Enter your CalnetID and passphrase and click “Connect”


3) From within “Finder”, click “Go” –> “Connect to Server…” To get to Finder, click an empty space on your desktop. You can also press “Option” + “K”


4) To connect to the group (H:) drive on Argyll, under “Server Address:” enter smb:// and click the ‘+’ to remember the location, and then click connect.        


To connect to your Personal User Drive (I:) on Argyll, under “Server Address:” enter: smb://
where CalNetID is replaced with your actual CalNetID.

To connect to the Users (W:) Drive, under “Server Address:” enter:


5) In the next window, select the “Registered User” Radio Button and for “Name:” enter\CalNetID. Check the box next to “Remember this password in my keychain”


6) From there, in Finder, you can drag a folder to the sidebar under “Favorites” on the left for easy access.


7) To access the files, connect to the VPN and use your shortcut created in step 6.

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