Managing Email Groups with bConnected Lists

Based on Google Groups, bConnected Lists are the new way to manage email groups replacing CalMail Lists which will stop working on December 20, 2016.



New things you can do with bConnected Lists

  • Archive: You have now the ability to archive mailing lists so you can access all messages sent to the list from a web interface.
  • Integration: bConnected lists are integrated with other  Google services such as bMailbDrivebCal so it’s easier than ever to share files or calendar events with your bConnected List members.
  • Flexibility: configure your list settings to better meet your communication needs.


Migration from CalMail Lists

If you manage any CalMail Lists and want to keep using them, there is a simple, one-time migration process to be done. You can check migration instructions here:

How to migrate your CalMail Lists to bConnected Lists.



Please contact us to schedule a training or ask any questions.

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