Restore Files on Argyll and Highland

If a file or folder goes missing, becomes corrupted, or is over written with incorrect data, Windows users of Argyll and Highland (H:, K:, V:, and W: drives) can restore files themselves using the below process. If you are on a Mac, please contact the Law IT Help Desk at and we’ll help restore the file/folder for you.

1) Right-click on the parent folder of the file/folder that needs to be restored and left-click on Properties.

Note: The parent folder is the next folder up, so if the problem file/folder is H:\example_folder\temp\missing_file, then right click on temp.


2) Click on the Previous Versions tab, select the most recent date/time, and click on Open. If a file/folder is still missing/doesn’t have what you need, choose an older date/time.


3) Copy the file/folder from the backup to the location you’d like it to be. It is always best to copy individual files when restoring data (especially in folders multiple people have access to), otherwise you may overwrite a newer file with the older backup.


Once the files and folders have been confirmed as restored, the process is complete, and you can left-click on the red x to shut unneeded windows.

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