Reconfiguring Mozilla Thunderbird for bMail

After our migration to bMail on 5/22/2015,  Thunderbird will need to be reconfigured to retrieve mail from our new servers, hosted by Google.

For those of your on Law managed desktops, Thunderbird reconfiguration should happen automatically.  Upon first launch, Thunderbird will prompt you for a password as seen below.  The password is your bConnected key.  Your CalNet passphrase can no longer be used with e-mail clients such as Thunderbird or Outlook.  You can set your bConnected key at:  Official instructions from campus for setting a bConnected key are here.  If you are on an unmanaged computer, please follow the instructions below to manually reconfigure your Thunderbird e-mail client.


New server settings:
Incoming server:, Port 993, SSL, Authentication: Normal password
Outgoing server:, Port 465, SSL, Authentication: Normal password

Unmanaged Computer Reconfiguration Instructions

1. From within Thunderbird, press ‘Alt’ on your keyboard and then click ‘Tools’ -> ‘Account Settings’


2. Select ‘Server Settings’ in the left column.  Change the entries as seen below for ‘Server Name:’ and ‘User Name:’  The server should be and the ‘User Name:’ must be your e-mail address.


3. Next, click ‘Outgoing Server (SMTP)’ at the bottom of the left column.  Select your outgoing account on the right, and click ‘Edit…’


4. Change the SMTP server settings as can be seen below.  The ‘Server Name:’ should be, the ‘Port:’ should be 465 and the ‘User Name:’ should be your e-mail address.  When done click, OK to exit all menus.  Thunderbird may prompt you for your password when done.  Your password when using Thunderbird is now your bConnected key, which can be obtained at the following link:

Thunderbird_reconfig 5

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