Q. Why are we moving file storage again?
A. We are making this move now because campus is shutting off the AFS file storage service.  We are taking advantage of this change to bring this service back in-house to Berkeley Law.

Q. Is this new service better?
A. The new service is faster and easier to use than AFS. It is backed-up twice a day, accidential file or folder deletions can be recoverd much quicker. It also gives us much more space for our ever-increasing storage needs. This service also solves a number of problems that the AFS service had.

Q. What is happening to my files AFS?
A. Your files on AFS are moving to another server that is run by Berkeley Law.

Q. How do I access my files remotely, from home or while on the road?
A. Using the VPN, you can access your files stored on law school servers remotely. In the ‘Documentation’ section there are instructions on how to do this. Also, you can always email trouble@law.berkeley.edu for assistance in getting this setup

Q. Are we ‘migrating’ our files to Google Drive/Docs?
A. We will not be migrating files from our law school file service to Google Drive.

Q. Other people I know use ‘Box’ or ‘Dropbox’, can we use those?
A. UC Berkeley currently has an agreement with BOX that allows campus faculty, staff and students to use BOX free-of-charge

Q. What if I need to share files and collaborate with other people?
A. There are a number of campus services we can recommend to help you share and collaborate. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on what you would like to do. Please check out the chart we have put together. You can also send a note to trouble@law.berkeley.edu with any questions you may have

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