EBCLC Shattuck Windows Setup

To connect to the Shattuck EBCLC file server from your laptops, please follow the below instructions:
1. Open the Start Menu and pick File Explorer


2. In File Explorer, click on “This PC” on the left side.; click on the Computer tab; and click on “Add a network location”


3. An “Add Network Location Wizard” will pop up and guide you to adding the Highland server. Click on Next.


4. Click on “Choose a custom network location” and then pick Next.


5. Fill in the following in the network address box: \\dc3\Data and then click Next. This may take a minute to connect, please wait…

6. Once connected, you will need to add in your network credentials. Please do the following for each box:

  1. Username: provided onsite
  2. Password: provided onsite
  3. Make sure to checkbox the “Remember my credentials” and click OK

7. You can rename the folder to whatever you want instead of keeping the long name here if you choose. Otherwise you can leave the default name and click Next.

8. Click on Finish to open the folder.

9. Next we will “pin” the folder to your Quick Access sidebar on the left. To do so, just click and highlight the folder you want to pin and drag it over to under the Quick Access section. Notice the black bar that appears when you drag. This will be where the folder will be placed when you let go of the mouse. The examples below show two multiple folders being pinned one by one.


10.  To Print: 

In the folder you have just added, click on dc3 in the bar, then double click on a printer and it will add to your computer.


We will be at the Shattuck office during onsite orientation to assist with issues, otherwise you can reach us by emailing trouble@law.berkeley.edu.

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