EBCLC Connectivity via VPN – Windows 7

     To connect to the EBCLC file server and printers from your laptops, please follow the below instructions:
1) Click on the Start Button.
2) Start typing Cisco Anyconnect in the search bar, right click on the program when it appears, and
click on Pin to Taskbar.
3) This will pin the Cisco client to your taskbar for easy access in the future. You will need to connectto the VPN each time you want to access EBCLC resources
4) Click on the Cisco client in your taskbar and type in ucbvpn.berkeley.edu and click on connect.
5) Type in your CalnetID and password, then click on OK.
Once connected, the globe icon will have a lock. From now on, if you see the lock, you’re connectedto the VPN, if the globe doesn’t have the lock, you’re not connected to the VPN.
6) Open an Explorer window, click on Computer, and click on Map network drive.
7) Set the following then click on Finish.
Drive: K:
Folder: \\highland.law.berkeley.edu\Clinics\EBCLC. Check Reconnect at Logon. Check Connect using different credentials
8) Type in your CalnetID preceded by campus (campus\CalnetID) and password. Check the
Remember my credentials box. Click on OK.
9) Students in the Shattuck office should skip this step. Instructions for accessing the Shattuck office printers will be provided onsite.  In the current folder you now have access to, double click on EBCLC Standard Printers Windows.bat. Type in your CalnetID preceded by campus (campus\CalnetID) and password. Check the Remember my credentials box. Click on OK. In a few minutes, the EBCLC printers will be added to your computer.
10) For ease of use, go into the Data directory and drag folders you will need to access often to Favorites.
You will now be able to access EBCLC network files and printers as long as you are connected to the VPN. The VPN will disconnect whenever you lose network access (say from closing the lid of your laptop). Please make sure you save any work before disconnecting from the VPN.

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