CLR Instructions for Windows 10

California Law Review – Instructions for Windows 10

The follow instructions will show you how to properly configure your Windows machine to connect to the CLR folder on Argyll. 

Part I: Installing bSecure GlobalProtect VPN

Follow these instructions to install the 64-bit version of bSecure GlobalProtect VPN on your computer –

Part II: Configuring your Windows 10 to connect to Argyll

  1. You will need to be connected to the VPN in order to connect to Argyll.
  2. Open a File Explorer from the Start Menu.W10-06
  3. Navigate to “This PC
  4. In the top ribbon, in the Computer Tab, click on “Map network drive”w10-07
  5. In Map Network Drive, pick “J:” as your drive letter from the drop down menu.
  6. In the Folder box, fill in the following, “
  7. Then make sure the follow boxes are checked: “Reconnect at sign-in” &”Connect using different credentialsW10-08
  8. It will prompt you for credentials, we will need to replace the computer username with your Calnet ID.
    1. Choose “Use another accountW10-09
    2. Username should be filled with the following:<Calnet ID> (e.g. campus.berkeley.edudenny.crane)
    3. Enter in your Calnet Passphrase for the password and then OK.W10-10
  9. Once you’ve connected you should see the CLR folder under the Student Journals folder.W10-11
  10. You can pin the folder in the Quick Access on the left hand side if you drag the CLR folder over. There will be a blue/black line that will appear, where the line appears will be where the shortcut will be placed. This shortcut will make it so you can access the folder quickly.W10-12