Why Give to Berkeley Law?

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Pride: Plain and simple. Help makeBerkeley Law the #1 public law school in the world. Our students choose this institution—as you did—because there is something special about our intellectual community.

Leadership: Our faculty are leaders in their fields. Our centers, clinics, and practical skills programs engage students in real-world practice, allowing them to make a difference in people’s lives and impact law and policy well before graduating. These and other uniquely Berkeley Law opportunities prepare our graduates for not only success, but groundbreaking leadership in the law, business, social justice, and public interest sectors.

Values: Unlike our competitors, we don’t have multi-billion dollar endowments to support and expand our programs, or to help the best and brightest students attend Berkeley Law, regardless of their financial situation.

Impact: Your gift and that of other graduates make a real difference in sustaining our place among premier law schools worldwide and preparing future generations of innovative and transformational leaders.


Your Gift Helps Students

We don’t need to tell you that the price of higher education is a big obstacle for many talented students. That’s why all gifts to the Berkeley Law Fund directly support students, in the form of  scholarships, fellowships, loan-repayment assistance, and other funds, helping to minimize student debt—particularly important for our large population of students who plan to pursue a career in public service. You are welcome to support any aspect of Berkeley Law—students, centers, clinics, student journals and student organizations. 

Giving Supports Your Organization

Most organizations encourage employees to participate in philanthropic causes. What better way to give back than to an institution that has contributed to educating a sizeable portion of your organization’s workforce? All participating organizations and those providing employee matches receive recognition on the Berkeley Law website and in the annual Giving Impact Report and will be invited to a special event with the Dean and other leaders. Participating Partners in Leadership (PiL) organizations in which 100% of their Berkeley Law graduates have made a gift receive special recognition and, if they participate in Berkeley Law’s on-campus interview programs, will be highlighted to students during the signup process.

Competition Boosts Community Ties

The hallmark of Berkeley Law is our vibrant community, which starts upon admission and continues to support you throughout your professional career as an alumnus. The annual Partners in Leadership campaign unites Berkeley Law alumni across generations, geography, and professions. PiL combines the fun of camaraderie with the grit and persistence that Berkeley Law grads are known for. PiL “mods”— similar-sized firms and companies  with Berkeley Law graduates — compete internally to see which organization can achieve 100% participation the soonest.

Partners in Leadership runs May 1-June 30.
Join us in making this year’s Partners in Leadership campaign the best yet!

Contact Dominic Walshe at dwalshe@law.berkeley.edu for more information.

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