Opportunities for LL.M. Students

Recommended SLPS for LL.M. Students

All of our Student-Initiated Legal Services Projects (SLPS) are open to LL.M. students, but some might be a better fit than others. We recommend the projects listed below. If, however, there is a project you are particularly interested in and you feel comfortable with the time commitment, you should apply for it. You can find a full list of out 2016-2017 SLPS here.

Berkeley Immigration Group: Detention Project

Berkeley Immigration Law Clinic

Consumer Rights Workshop

Contra Costa Reentry Project

East Bay Dreamer Clinic

International Refugee Assistance Project

Juvenile Education Advocacy Project

Karuk-Berkeley Collaborative

La Raza Workers’ and Tenants’ Rights Clinic

Name and Gender Change Workshop

Startup Law Initiative

Tenants’ Rights Workshop

Wage Claims Clinic

Workers’ Rights Clinic

Workers’ Rights Disability Law Clinic

If you plan to seek admission to the New York State Bar, please note: we believe the projects listed here likely qualify for the pro bono requirement, but we cannot guarantee that. Please be sure to check with the New York State Bar.

Other Pro Bono Opportunities

Other (non-SLPS) pro bono opportunities are available. Please see our Other Community Pro Bono Opportunities website for specific opportunities and additional information.

Questions? Please contact Diana DiGennaro, the Pro Bono Program Director, at probono@law.berkeley.edu. Thank you for your interest in pro bono work!