Workers’ Rights Disability Law Clinic

Workers’ Rights Disability Law Clinic (WRDLC) provides legal aid and resources to workers and employees with disabilities who confront workplace harassment, discrimination, and other legal issues at work. Clinic counselors conduct client intakes, perform research into relevant issues, and confer with attorneys to advise clients on legal remedies and the best course of action. Through WRDLC, students can expect to develop effective client communication skills and an understanding of employment law litigation. 

Supervision: Students will receiving training from and be supervised by attorneys from Legal Aid at Work.

Time Commitment: Approximately 15 hours per semester

For more information, please contact the student leaders at

How To Apply


We are grateful to our supporters:

Daniel G. Dobies ’14
GJEL Accident Attorneys in Sacramento | Luke Ellis ’75
David B. Oppenheimer



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