Reentry Advocacy Project

Students who are available to participate on Fridays can get trained up to take calls for the reentry legal hotline. Individuals who are currently or formerly incarcerated, or family members of those individuals, use R&R’s weekly hotline to request information regarding their rights post-incarceration. Using the Roadmap to Reentry guidebook developed by Root & Rebound, students will grow familiar with California and federal law regarding reentry issues such as voting rights, registration laws, employment, and housing.

Root & Rebound also gets 400+ letters a week from currently incarcerated individuals.  Although most of those letters are just requests for the Roadmap to Reentry guide, a number each week include legal questions. Students are trained up and given support to write reply letters and conduct new legal research, as needed, to answer nuanced reentry-related questions.  Students may also assist staff attorneys with other research projects (such as updating sections of the Roadmap to Reentry guidebook).

Time Commitment: Root & Rebound expects that students will do a weekly shift at the R&R office to answer hotline calls, research and write prison mail letters, and assist with other legal research and advocacy needs as requested by RAP’s supervisors, Sonja and Laura. Students will work between 4 and 8 hours a week.

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