Reentry Advocacy Project

The Reentry Advocacy Project (RAP) partners with Root & Rebound to work on cutting-edge criminal justice issues. Root & Rebound is a creative legal nonprofit organization founded by a Boalt alum. Students will:

  • Be extensively trained on the collateral consequences of incarceration and system involvement, and Root & Rebound’s Roadmap to Reentry legal guide;
  • Answer Reentry Advice Hotline calls and speak with currently and formerly incarcerated callers, and those who support them, about their reentry-related questions and issues every Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.;
  • Conduct legal intakes by phone and prepare follow-up information and resources for callers;
  • Help callers understand and navigate reentry-related information in the Roadmap to Reentry legal guide;
  • Research and write about the most current and relevant reentry legal issues to continuously update, improve, and augment our Roadmap to Reentry guide, and provide current information to Root & Rebound’s constituents; and
  • Provide general support to Root & Rebound’s reentry attorneys with respect to follow-up work and data collection and analysis regarding Reentry Advice Hotline calls and prison mail correspondence.

Time Commitment: Every Friday for ten weeks, with a minimum of four hours in the office and up to two hours of follow-up work done remotely. In addition, students will be required to attend an all-day training once each semester. This is a year-long project and students are expected to participate for the full academic year.

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We are grateful to our supporters:

Julie Hess
Loren S. Lewallen
David B. Oppenheimer
Select Equity Group, Inc.