Community Restorative Justice

The Community Restorative Justice (CRJ) project participates in the Restorative Justice Roundtable Program at San Quentin State Prison.  The RJ program utilizes the circle method to deepen understanding of restorative justice principles among incarcerated folks.  While the roundtables are led and facilitated by the people inside, community members outside of the prison are an integral part of the restorative process; we bear witness to their healing as well as learn about the impact and potential of restorative justice practices.  Students attend and actively engage in these dialogues.  By participating in CRJ, students will have the opportunity to explore alternatives to the retributive justice model currently employed by our criminal justice system.  Participants will attend RJ Roundtables on a bi-weekly basis.

In partnership with the Restorative Justice Committee, this project also explores opportunities for students who are interested in doing restorative justice policy research, or learning about how restorative justice is employed in school settings. 

Please note that in order to accept an offer to join CRJ, you will need to submit personal information for San Quentin security clearance.  Details will be included in your offer email.

Please only apply to this project if you are prepared to commit for the entire academic year and can attend San Quentin Roundtables at least every other week.  It is important for the project’s continued success, as well as respect for the people inside San Quentin, that all of our members are reliable and consistent.

Time Commitment:

There is a bi-weekly time commitment of three hours.  Additionally, students will be expected to participate in monthly group check-ins with co-members to discuss and share experiences.  Students must commit to participating for the entire academic year.

For more information, please contact the student leaders at


How To Apply