Boalt Law and Organizing Collective

The Boalt Law and Organizing Collective (BLOC) connects law students with organizations and community members exerting community-based power. In 2016-2017, students will work on one of two projects:

(1) Performing legal research to support the work of Anti-Police Terror Project, a Black-led multi-racial, multi-generational coalition organizing to end state-sanctioned violence against Black, Brown, and Poor people, and create a strong and sustainable community support system. Civil suits against various Alameda County police departments have been hindered because the delay in the release of coroner’s reports often leads to problems adhering to the statute of limitations in bringing suit. Students will research state- and nation-wide practices relating to the release of coroner’s reports following officer-involved murders.

(2) Students will assist the Oakland Law Collaborative and a coalition of campus groups on their work addressing sexual harassment issues on the Berkeley campus. Students will develop a know your rights training that informs campus community members of their rights, the various laws, the role of offices on campus, and how to make a complaint or report sexual harassment or gender discrimination. They will also create and distribute literature, and help lead actual training meetings to present this information. Students will also assist with intake and filing administrative complaints. Finally, they will provide general support to organizing efforts on campus, and help to coordinate between the various groups already doing work to create systemic change.

Time Commitment: BLOC expects students to devote approximately two hours a week to project work, including research, writing, coalition meetings, presentations, or other types of community interaction. Some weeks may require a greater time commitment than others. In addition, BLOC will hold group meetings approximately every other week, with each meeting lasting approximately two hours.

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