Berkeley Law and Organizing Collective

The Berkeley Law and Organizing Collective connects law students with organizations and community members exerting community-based power. In 2017-2018, students will work on one of two projects:

Homelessness Project:

The BLOC homelessness project will work with local activists and lawyers to visit homeless encampments in Alameda County to educate folks and do know your rights trainings regarding legal resources available in the East Bay. This will include education regarding small claims court, public benefits, and medical resources. There is also potential to help homeless people in small claims court with hearing preparation and by accompanying them to hearings. Training on client-centered community lawyering and harm reduction will provide the base from which we will work. Over 5,500 people in Alameda County are unhoused, a 39% increase over the past  2 years. It is also our intention to bring awareness to Berkeley Law regarding homeless issues in our community through events with local activists, lawyers, and homeless folks in the law school.

Immigration Project:

The BLOC immigration project will work with Pangea Legal Services. Members will be trained to be dispatchers and answer phone calls on the rapid response hotline and provide live know your rights information for people facing ICE. Members must be bilingual, English and Spanish. BLOC members will also be trained to train other dispatchers, conduct KYR trainings in the community, and help conduct legal intakes of community members. BLOC members will be working with community members trained by Pangea on campaigns around deportation cases as well.

Time Commitment: BLOC will have monthly meetings. Individual projects will meet more frequently, likely including bi-weekly outreach for the homelessness project, and weekly work meetings for the Pangea project.

Homelessness Project:

     30-40 hours/semester

Pangea Project:

     5 hours/week


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