Hotel Accommodations

 For hotels out of the local area, you should use Connexxus whenever possible.

For a list of hotels close to Berkeley Law, look at this map.

You are advised to contact Business Services for help making reservations at local hotels. Room rates, taxes, and any mandatory assessments (such as “resort fees”) can be paid directly by Business Services on their Event Planner credit card. Business Services will also help ensure you receive negotiated University rates. (For example, the University rate includes parking at some hotels which might otherwise cost $24 a day.)

Please send an email to with the following information:

     1. Guest name
     2. Guest cell phone number/email address
     3. Arrival date
     4. Departure date
     5. Trip purpose
     6. Dept/Host
     7. Authorization and Chartstring for billing

For Guests Seeking Hotel Reimbursements

Guests who will seek reimbursement for their hotel charges must check out at the front desk in order to obtain the required “zero balance” receipt showing all of the charges and payments. Express check-out statements are not accepted for reimbursement – you must have a statement that shows the amount and date of the actual payment to the hotel.


Please note: Cancellation fees are never reimbursable. These fees are not eligible for payment with University funds.