Air Travel

Berkeley Law makes it easy to book travel for hosted guests directly to your event chartstring. First, obtain authorization to bill the guest travelers’ airfare to a Berkeley Law account. The new online Direct Bill Travel system replaces paper CTS forms for billing business-related airfare directly to a Berkeley Law chartstring.  Next, contact your designated Travel Approver to obtain your 10-character Direct Bill ID (DBID).  You can use this code in place of a credit card number to complete your Connexxus booking. If you do not have a dedicated travel arranger please email your request to

For international air travel, please contact BCD directly for help with these purchases.

You will need the following information to create a direct bill ID:

     1. Traveler’s full, legal name as it appears on their identification 
         (Drivers’ License, passport, etc…)
     2. Trip purpose: This is a very brief description
         (ie: guest speaker at the May 8, 2012 commencement ceremony)
     3. Identify if this is a domestic or international flight
     4. Destination City
     5. Departure date
     6. Return date
     7. Chartstring for billing

Once you have a direct bill ID for your guest traveler, you can proceed to the Connexxus travel website to view flight options and book tickets.

The Connexxus travel portal makes it easy to book your flights, including Southwest Airlines Internet-only fares. If you can’t log in to Connexxus, contact  to request access.

University policy prohibits the purchase of first or business class air travel, except for a narrow set of circumstances, with written approval (obtained in advance) from the Dean. Contact your budget officer or Business Services for assistance with these requests before you attempt to book tickets.

Sometimes travelers prefer to pay for their own air travel. The University discourages this practice and it will require additional paperwork from your guest to get this reimbursement paid. Review the travel reimbursement instructions before proceeding.

Whether the traveler paid for airfare themself or charged it directly to the campus, they will need to provide an invoice or itinerary that includes these required elements: 1) name of vendor (person you paid), 2) amount paid, 3) transaction date (when you paid), 4) form of payment (cash, check, credit card), and 5) flight departures and destinations.  It is very important that you collect the correct documentation from the traveler in order to have your payments processed in a timely manner. Pleased review the Planning and Reporting Travel page at Business Services.