Registration & Competition Information

Registration & competition information

The National Native American Law Student Association (NNALSA), in partnership with the University of California, Berkeley Law NALSA Chapter, are excited to host the 28th Annual NNALSA Moot Court Competition.

Important Documents

2020 NNALSA Moot Court Rules

NNALSA 2020 Problem

2020 NNALSA Moot Court Schedule (subject to change)

Competition Deadlines

To be eligible to participate in the NNALSA 2020 Moot Court, teams must register, submit a brief that conforms to the NNALSA Moot Court Rules, pay a $250 registration fee, and verify their submission of membership dues.

Team Registration Deadline: December 6, 2019

  • Each team must complete an online registration form, pay the registration fee of $250 per team, and upload letter(s) as stated in NNALSA Moot Court Rule 4.2 or 4.3. Competitors will receive their team number once they complete the registration process. Teams will also receive details about submitting briefs at this time.

Brief Submission Deadline: January 3, 2020

  • Each team must submit its brief online in PDF format as set forth in NNALSA Moot Court Rule 13.6(c). A team may not revise its brief after submission to the competition. Competitors may submit briefs here. *Do not submit a brief until your team has been assigned a team number. To maintain confidentiality, do not include your name or school in your brief.

Deadline for Submission Verifying Payment of Membership Dues: December 6, 2019

  • In accordance with NNALSA Moot Court Rule 4.2, each competitor must submit documents that verify (1) the individual’s local chapter has submitted its dues, (2) the individual has submitted NNALSA Individual Membership dues, and (3) the individual has submitted local chapter individual membership dues. Competitors may submit all documentation to the NNALSA Moot Court Administrator at Please include your team number in the subject line of the email. NNALSA membership and local chapter dues can be paid here.

Deadline to Withdraw from Competition Without Penalty: January 3, 2020



Contact the 2020 NNALSA Moot Court Administrator at