Event Templates


Event Planning Checklist
Comprehensive checklist to ensure you don’t forget any crucial details in planning for your event.

Budget Template – Two Day Conference
The budget template provides a general overview of expenses for a two day conference. The budget amounts (and totals) are determined by a calculation of the cost and quantity – change those amounts and the budget will update automatically.

Initial Event Interview (long form)
The initial event interview is an eight page, detailed document which can be used to help plan a significant conference or symposium.

Event Overview (short form)
The event overview template is a shorter version of the initial event interview, covering the basic questions you should ask when planning an event.

Event Timeline
This comprehensive list covers the activities which go into planning an event, but in chronological order.

Name Tag and Table Tent Instructions
Generating branded name tags and table tents can be easily accomplished following these instructions and using the two templates below and an Excel spreadsheet with your event data. 

Name Tag Template
Berkeley Law branded 3 x 4 name tag template. Feel free to change out the logo and add your own. (6 to a page, Avery 5384 or 74540. Refill with Avery 5392.)

Double-Sided Table Tent Template
Berkeley Law branded table tent card, sized 3.5 x 11 (Avery 5309). Also works with a normal sheet of paper and the plastic table tent holders. It’s easy to add your own event logo below the Berkeley Law logo, or replace it with specific event branding.

MCLE Forms
  – MCLE Instructions
  – Record of Attendance
  – Certificate of Attendance
  – Evaluation Form