Audio Visual

If you plan on recording an event and will disseminate the content, make sure your presenters sign a consent and release form.

Berkeley Law

The Berkeley Law Media Services Department is here to serve the audio visual needs of Berkeley Law faculty, staff, and students. They can assist you with the equipment needed for PowerPoint presentations, sound reinforcement, and other tasks. If you will be needing media support for an upcoming event, please e-mail media services at least 3 business days (72 hours)  in advance of your event at

When requesting media services, please make sure you include the following information:
     1. Event date
     2. Event start time
     3. Event end time
     4. Event location
     5. Total expected attendance
     6. Specific media requests, broken out by session

Maps of which technology exists in each classroom can be found here.

A list of services, policies, and procedures is here.

Please note: Media Services can support events at Boalt and 2850 Telegraph. For events on campus, but outside of Boalt proper, ETS (see below) provides A/V support. For events taking place off campus, they can recommend outside vendors. Media Services has normal operating hours between 8:00am-7:00pm Monday through Friday. If you have events outside of those times, there are a few options, including providing training and equipment for you to manage the AV yourself, or bring in ETS. On rare occasions Media Services is able to provide limited overtime staffing (at a cost) or student support at odd hours. Check with and they will work out the best solution for your event. Please note: Media Services no longer provides audio or video recording of Boalt Events. Please arrange for these with the vendors below.

UC Berkeley Educational Technology Services

When the media services request is more complicated you may be referred to UC Berkeley Educational Technology Services. ETS provides a broad range of Events Production and Staging support services for events that take place on the UC Berkeley campus. They have a staff of very capable technicians available to help setup, operate, and tear-down PA speakers, microphones, & LCD projectors & computers.

ETS services can be recharged through a UC Berkeley chartstring.

Oakland Audio-Visual Service, Inc.
ph: 510-347-4545

The most complicated events may require using an outside vendor like OAVS. (A roundtable presentation where all 40 participants need microphones, for example.)

OAVS can be paid through Business Services,  with BFS ID: 0000000315.

Please note: There are four other audio visual suppliers listed in Bear Buy which may be worth considering.