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The Lethal Injection Project and lethalinjection.org are part of the Death Penalty Clinic at UC Berkeley School of Law. Through this project, the Clinic provides resources and consultation to lawyers in dozens of states challenging the constitutionality of lethal injection as a method of execution.


The mission of the Berkeley Law Death Penalty Clinic is to offer a program that helps students develop outstanding legal skills and to serve clients facing capital punishment. These complex cases teach students about law, courts, and the justice system, and prepare them to enter the profession with a commitment to fundamental rights. Students work under the direct supervision of the clinic's faculty, paralegal, and experienced capital defense investigators.


In response to a critical shortage of qualified and adequately funded counsel for individuals under death sentence, the focus of the Clinic's work is representing men and women in capital post-conviction proceedings in Alabama and California. The Clinic also takes on other work, including amicus curiae briefs, petitions for writs of certiorari, clemency petitions, and pretrial motions in capital cases. The Clinic also has been co-counsel with law firms engaged in pro bono representation in death penalty cases.


The Clinic's faculty is comprised of Director Elisabeth Semel and Associate Associate Director Ty Alper. Bidish Sarma is the Clincial Teaching Fellow and Lecturer in Residence. The Lethal Injection Project is staffed by Jennifer Moreno, the Clinic's Staff Attorney and Megan McCracken, the Clinic's Eight Amendment Resource Counsel. Jessica Michals is the Clinic's paralegal.



Updated: November 27, 2012


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