Lethal Injection Project

The Lethal Injection Project is part of the Death Penalty Clinic at U.C. Berkeley School of Law.  Through this Project, the Clinic provides resources and consultation to lawyers in dozens of states challenging lethal injection as a method of execution. The Lethal Injection Project is staffed by attorneys Megan McCracken and Jen Moreno.


Megan McCracken, Eighth Amendment Resource Counsel
Email Addressmeganmcc@clinical.law.berkeley.edu

Megan McCracken is an experienced capital litigator with expertise in challenges to lethal injection as a method of execution. As the Clinic’s resource counsel, she provides litigation support and expert consultation to attorneys who are challenging lethal injection practices in jurisdictions across the country.  Megan was previously an assistant federal defender in the Capital Habeas Unit of the Federal Community Defender in Philadelphia. 


Jen Moreno, Staff Attorney
Email Addressjmoreno@clinical.law.berkeley.edu

Jen Moreno is an expert on legal challenges to lethal injection as a method of execution.  She has consulted with attorneys litigating lethal injection challenges in more than twenty jurisdictions. She is a member of the California bar.   Jen received her J.D. from Berkeley Law in 2006.

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