Center for the Study of Law & Society


The CSLS 50th Anniversary Conference was a great success. Enjoy the photos from the event or visit the conference web page here.


  • August 31 – CSLS Speaker SeriesTaeku Lee, UC Berkeley  – “Master or Servant? Public Opinion, Polling, and Democratic Responsiveness in Korea and Beyond.” Co-authored by Sunmin Kim.
  • September 11 – Conversations in Law and Society with John and Jean Comaroff (flier), Harvard, interviewed by Calvin Morrill
  • September 21 – CSLS Speaker SeriesJeb Barnes, USC & Tom Burke, Wellesley – “How Policy Shapes Politics: Rights, Courts, Litigation, and the Struggle over Injury Compensation”
  • September 24 – CSLS Book Event – Dan Berger – Captive Nation: Black Prison Organizing in the Civil Rights Era (UNC Press, Nov. 2014) – cosponsors: The American Cultures Center & Carceral Geographies Course Thread
  • September 28 –  CSLS Speaker SeriesMarjorie Zatz, UC Merced – “Dreams and Nightmares: Immigration Policy, Youth, and Families”
  • October 5 – CSLS Speaker Series – Bernadette Atuahene, Chicago-Kent  – “We Want What’s Ours: Learning from South Africa’s Land Restitution Program”
  • October 12 –  CSLS Speaker Series – Armando Lara Millan, UC Berkeley – Mass Imprisonment’s New Crutch: Organizational Capacity and Healthcare Spending in Corrections”
  • October 13 – Special Workshop – Thomas Brudholm & Brigitte Shepelern Johansen, University of Copenhagen – “On Hate, Prejudice, and Tolerance” – cosponsors Kadish Center & Townsend Center (flier)
  • October 19 – CSLS Speaker SeriesStephen Cody & Alexa Koenig, UC Berkeley – “Beyond Punishment: Victims’ Participation in International Criminal Trials”
  • October 22-23 – The Legal Process and the Promise of Justice: A Conference to Honor the Work of Malcolm M. Feeley
  • October 23 – Conversations in Law and Society – Malcolm Feeley interviewed by Jonathan Simon
  • October 26 – CSLS Speaker SeriesBeth Piatote, UC Berkeley – “Juris-Sonics: The Sound of Law in Native American Texts”
  • October 27 – Special Speaker EventCamille Robcis, Cornell – “The Biopolitics of Dignity”
  • November 2 – CSLS Speaker SeriesWadie Said, University of South Carolina School of Law – “Crimes of Terror: The Legal and Political Implications of Federal Terrorism Prosecutions”
  • November 9 – CSLS Speaker SeriesWilliam Forbath, University of Texas at Austin School of Law – “Wealth and Commonwealth, and the Constitution of Opportunity: A Story of Two Traditions”
  • November 9 – Special Event – 5pm – William Forbath – “Diaspora and Group Rights: The Jewish Constitutional Moment” – cosponsored with Berkeley Institute for Jewish Law and Israel Studies
  • November 16 – CSLS Speaker SeriesBrenda Major, UC Santa Barbara – “Diversity and Perceptions of Fairness and Discrimination”
  • November 23 – CSLS Speaker SeriesLawrence Friedman, Stanford University – “The Butterfly Effect: Law, Technology, and the Human Body”
  • November 30 – CSLS Speaker SeriesJim Greiner, Harvard Law School – “The Problem of Default, Part 1” – cosponsors: Law and Economics Workshop