Summer 2019 CDO Email Archive

CDO: EIW — Callbacks, Callback Reporting, and Thank You Notes (7/30/19)

CDO: EIW — Ready For Tuesday (7/26/19)

CDO: Open Sign Ups Now “Live” (and other ways to get interviews) (7/24/19)

CDO: Access b-Line From Your Phone with the new App (7/23/19)

CDO: EIW Schedules Available, How To Cancel and Open Sign Ups Begin Tomorrow (7/23/19)

CDO: EIW Bidding Closes Today at 5PM; FIP Phase 1 Now Open (7/22/19)

CDO: July Mock Interview Program Reminder, EIW Hospitality Suites and Wellness Room Information (7/18/19)

CDO: EIW Schedule Changes, July Mock Interview Program and Employer Information (7/16/19)

CDO: EIW Bidding and Resume Collect Now Open — FIP Opens in 1 Week (7/15/19)

CDO: Important Dates and Deadlines for FIP and EIW (7/8/19)

CDO: Law Firm Trait Assessments (7/5/19)

CDO: EIW Transcripts & Resumes, b-line Job Postings & Resume Collect (6/27/19)

CDO : Checking In (6/24/19) 

CDO: Interviewing/Bidding on Multiple Offices in EIW (6/21/19)

CDO: Recruiters’ Tips for EIW Success, July 10, 6:30pm (and Other Upcoming CDO Events) (6/20/19)

CDO: EIW – What Should I Be Doing Now? (6/17/19)

CDO: Some Employer Research Tools (6/7/19)

CDO: Pursuing Non-EIW BigLaw Firms Outside of California (6/5/19)

CDO: New EIW Info and the PI/PS 2L Summer Job Search (6/3/19)

CDO: Resources for Researching Practice Areas in Advance of EIW (5/30/19)

CDO: Summer Emails and Opting Off Firm Announcements (5/20/19)

CDO: Reaching Out To Employers Before EIW (5/13/19)

CDO: Things to Know Now about Early Interview Week and Fall Recruiting (5/10/19)


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