Callbacks and Offers

You survived EIW and are preparing for the next steps in your BigLaw job search—callbacks and offers. Please review the sections on callbacks and offers in the EIW Guide, for detailed information on the important topics set out below.  Please pay particular attention to the Law School’s Recruiting Guidelines, which govern the timing of accepting/declining offers and other important topics.

Watch the following videos for tips on managing callback invitations, what to expect during your callback interviews, arranging travel for out-town callbacks, and responding to and weighing offers. 

EIW Callbacks (2023) – Discusses virtual and in-person callbacks, including travel.

EIW Offers (2023) – Discusses the mechanics and timing of accepting/declining offers.

Also, please do let us know about your callbacks/offers by completing this survey (can be completed multiple times):

CDO Callback and Offers Reporting Form