State Court Resources

Alaska Supreme Court Justice Daniel Winfree (’81) talking to students at a reception hosted by the Environmental Law Quarterly.


There is no one comprehensive source for information about state court judicial clerkships.  Some potentially useful resources include:

  • The Guide to State Judicial Clerkship Procedures, which lists contact information and application requirements for clerkships in each of the fifty states.  To access the guide online, enter “Yellow” as the user ID and “Birch” as the password when prompted.  It contains links to state court websites — these websites (and not this guide) contain the most current information on state court clerkship opportunities.




  • The California Supreme Court and the California Courts of Appeal generally do not hire graduating students, but rather hire more experienced practitioners as permanent staff attorneys.  However, the California Superior Courts — particularly in San Francisco and Los Angeles counties — have in recent years hired graduating law students as term clerks.  Attorney job listings with the California Administrative Office of the Courts, the Supreme Court of California, or the California Courts of Appeal, are available by following the links at