Other Clerkship Resources

Left to Right: Professor Melissa Murray, Judge Michael Fitzgerald (’85) (CD. CA) & Eric Stern (CDO)


Alumni Clerkship Evaluations
Click on the above link to access over 200 on-line evaluations written by alumni about their clerkship experiences.

Alumni Clerkship and Judicial Staff Directory 
This directory contains clerkship information through the Class of 2022 (current as of December 17, 2021).  In addition to being a research resource, it is intended to help connect clerkship applicants to Berkeley Law alumni who are currently clerking or who have clerked.  The Directory is updated several times a year, so make sure to check back periodically to make sure you are using the most recent version.  You must be signed in to your Berkeley Law account or the account you use for your respective Berkeley Clerkships Google Group to access.  

Rat Race: Insider Advice on Landing Judicial Clerkships:” An insightful article written by a federal judge and his law clerks from the perspective of chambers about the judicial clerkship application process.

From Left to Right: Professor Russell Robinson, Judge Ketanji Jackson (D. DC), Judge Raymond Lohier (2nd Cir.), Judge Michelle Friedland (9th Cir.)

Interview Prep Resources!

Researching Judges for Your Clerkship Interview
Resources and tips for finding out about biographical and career history, caseload and docket profiles, and jurisdictional facts about a specific judge.

A Clerkship in Judge Ripple’s Chambers:”  An interesting article — written in an FAQ format — by a federal judge about the kind of experience clerks can expect to have in his chambers.

Profiles of 9th Circuit and CA Federal Judges (PDF)
The best way to search for judges in this resource is by searching for the judge’s last name using the “find” text  function.  This resource includes bios of 9th Circuit judges, District Court judges, Magistrates and Bankruptcy Court judges.

Profiles of Other Federal Judges (will be updated as new profiles are identified)

Clerkships with Administrative Law Judges at Federal Government Agencies


Careers in the Judiciary

Path to the Federal Bench” (May 2011) – A short guide put together by a number of different organizations that is designed to provide general information for students interested in pursuing a federal judgeship.

“How to Be a Judge” (2011) – A comprehensive handout from a presentation given by the New York City Bar Association; contains a discussion of careers in both the federal judiciary and the New York state court system.  Part One; Part Two.

Non-Traditional Legal Careers In and Around the Courts” (February 2012)