OSCAR Resources

Left to Right: Judge Indira Talwani (’88) (D. MA), Eric Stern (CDO), Quyen Ta (’02), and Justice Monica Márquez (Colorado Supreme Court)  

OSCAR — The On-Line System for Clerkship Application and Review (OSCAR)

OSCAR is the single, centralized resource for notice of available clerkships, clerkship application information, and law clerk employment information.  OSCAR is the place where applicants should begin the process of researching clerkship positions and building judge lists.  Judges can open up clerkship positions on OSCAR and students can use the system to electronically upload their materials and submit on-line applications to these judges.

OSCAR Quick Guide (updated July 2021)
This CDO publication is designed to help applicants set up their profile, upload application materials, research clerkship vacancies and submit on-line clerkship applications.