Webcasts Especially for 1Ls

1L Roadmap to the Private Sector (Fall 2012 — approx. 60 min.)   

2010 1L Career Services Orientation Session (audio only dated 10-28-10).  You can access the accompanying powerpoint slides here.

1L Public Interest & Government Job Search (Fall 2014, audio only, 48 min.) 
Accompanying PowerPoint slides & handout (PDF)

1L Guide to Judicial Externships & Post-Graduate Judicial Clerkships (Fall 2012)
Accompanying PowerPoint presentation (PDF)

PI/PS Day Orientation (Fall 2014, audio only, 28 min.)
Accompanying PowerPoint slides & handouts: 2014 PI/PS Day participating employers2014 Berkeley Law Spring Interview Program participating employers, Table Talk Tips & Questions (PDF)
1L Job Search Effective Interviewing Panel Discussion – Public Interest, Government, & Private Sector

Land Your Dream Job:  Develop an Effective Job Search for Boutique, Small & Mid-size Firms
(Fall 2012 Video)
Accompanying handout (PDF)

Discover Boutique, Small & Mid-size Firms (Fall 2012 Audio)
For additional resources, visit the CDO’s Boutique, Small & Mid-size Firms webpage

For 1Ls: Your 2L Summer Job Search (Video, Spring 2015, 36 min.)
Accompanying slides & Handout (PDFs)

Introduction to Post-Graduate PIPS Fellowships (Spring 2015)