Direct Entry Process

How to use the Direct Entry process

After every University paid business or research trip, a record of expenses must be submitted. Travelers on university business typically pay for some of the expenses out of their own pocket and seek reimbursement after the trip is over. It’s a good idea to keep detailed records of what you spend money on and obtain a receipt whenever possible. Per Policy, the expense report must be submitted within 45 days after returning from the trip. An expense report is required, even if no reimbursement is due to the traveler.

Employees can submit a travel expense report by logging in to the travel reimbursement system. Once a report is submitted, employees can track the status of a reimbursement request directly in the system. Guests and students should contact their department for assistance.

How to Enter your Travel Expenses for Reimbursement

Reimbursement Tips

  • You still need to submit the travel expense report even if no money is due to you (costs were paid by direct bill, travel advance, or third-party)
  • Giving details to tell the story of how you spent the money will reduce the need for follow-up questions
  • Receipts are needed for airfare, car rental, conference registration and domestic lodging, regardless of amount
  • You can track the status of your travel reimbursement request

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