Frequently Purchased Supplies

BearBuy’s homepage has a host of pre-approved vendors that you may purchase from to replenish your department’s supplies. Please take a look below for guidance or IT/Facilities approval before finalizing your order.



There are three contracted suppliers for office products, Office Depot, Office Max and Blaisdell’s Business Products and their catalogs hosted are on BearBuy.  If the products you want to buy are not available from these suppliers, contact Berkeley Law Business Services ( for assistance.


Consult with Berkeley Law’s IS&T group at in advance so they can ensure that the items purchased are compatible with our existing technology.

When you install a new cartridge, put the used cartridge in the empty bubble sleeve, close the box, and place it in outgoing campus mail.  Funds generated from the cartridge recycling program benefit the entire campus.

All furniture, appliances, and non-computing equipment purchases require pre-approval by Building Services (space availability and access, utilities). Appliances and non-computing equipment include (but are not limited to) such items as office refrigerators, microwaves, water coolers, and space heaters. Orders for furniture and other equipment should be placed on a Bearbuy Non-Catalog Order Form or with a University Issued bluCard.