Student Organizations

Students may visit the  Berkeley Law Student Services webpage for more information on event planning, group funding and Student Services’ policies regarding purchasing and reimbursement. Berkeley Law Student Organizations requesting to provide an award, prize, or sponsored educational opportunity to a fellow student should visit the Berkeley Law Financial Aid Office webpage for steps on providing funding.  Please contact the Business Services Office if there are questions regarding which form to use or finding out the status of a reimbursement by emailing


Students Seeking Reimbursement using SABL or Alumni Funding

To submit, please follow the below directions: 

1) Select Form that relates to your purchase and business purpose. 

2) In Box One, “Payee,” of the Power Form, enter Your Name as the Payee. 

3) In Box Two, “Pre-Approver/Co-Signer,of the Power Form, enter the name of your group’s financial officer, or the designated co-signing group leader/editor and their Berkeley Law email address. (If you are a financial officer/group leader requesting reimbursement, please do not enter your name as both Payee and Pre-Approver, but select a recognized co-signer of your group to act as the Pre-Approver of your request) 

4.) Leave Box 3 Blank. This will be assigned by the system.

5) Submit “Power Form.” 

6) A Berkeley Law Reimbursement form will open and the below information should be entered. This information is required for processing. If incomplete, the form will be voided and you will need to re-enter the requested information below


  • Enter your name as payee and your contact information. Include your Berkeley Law student email address and student ID number (SID). 
  • Provide a description of what was purchased and the date 
  •  Provide a business purpose or reason for the purchase and how it relates to Berkeley Law.
  • Attach an itemized receipt that shows what was purchased and it should include the last four digits of your card. If the payment method is not listed on the receipt, please provide a statement showing the payment method. This can be a bank or credit statement showing transaction with the vendor, date, and amount paid. Redact any personal identifying information such as your account number, home address, and phone number. 
  • If the purchase is a gift or postage, please provide the name of the recipient(s). 

7) Sign Form!

8) The student group financial officer or group leader should review the purchase, business purpose and approve the reimbursement request if it falls within their group’s guidelines. 

9) Final budget approval will be made by the SABL treasurer, Jordyn Houle, or Alumni department, Holly Johnson. Please contact them directly if you have any questions specifically regarding your group’s funding. 

10) At any point in time, a team member from the Business Services department may reach out for additional information to add to the report or clarification on the reimbursement request to determine if the purchase aligns with UC policy.

Thank you for your patience, if you have any questions along the way, please contact us at, we are here to help!


Event Planning and Payment to a Vendor

If your student group would like to plan an event such as a gala, speaker talk, seminar or conference, please use the Student Event Planning Certification Form (link) . Be sure to complete the Student Group Information section and provide a business purpose for your event. In the Description section, include vendor information such as the name of vendor and a brief description of what is to be rented or purchase i.e. facility/event space, goods or services along with the estimate of the expense. Once those sections are complete, you may submit the form to Student Services Administrator, Ilene Ochoa, 

We received an invoice from the vendor for a service, can a member of the student group pay with their card and seek reimbursement at a later date?

  • Do not pay for a third party vendor or service with your personal credit card.
  • Reach out to Student Services regarding any service contracts you would like to enter on behalf of your student group. They can arrange payment through the University’s procurement system, BearBuy. 
  • It is against University policy to enter service contracts or bring vendors and services on to campus without approval from the University’s Purchasing Authority, Building Management, and without a Certificate of Liability Insurance or waiver from Risk Services. If a service invoice is generated, immediately contact Student Services, please do not attempt to pay the expense out of pocket and seek reimbursement.