Sending letters and small packages

Send bulk mailings

Bulk mailings can be processed by Mail Services.  You have the option of affixing a first-class stamp to your envelopes, giving them the look of personal mail, or using the bulk mail permit imprint.  Instructions for preparing your outgoing envelopes – and reducing your handling costs – are located on the Mail Services website.  Click on the SERVICES tab on the Mail Services menu bar for more information.

U.S. Postal Service

The Boalt Mail Room handles most outgoing U.S. Mail for Berkeley Law.  If you have an unusual outgoing shipment that requires special handling, go to the Mail Services website, click on SPECIAL PICKUPS on the left sidebar, and follow the instructions.  Unusual shipments include large-quantity mailings and packages that you would like to have picked up directly from your office.  You can use your chartstring to pay the small fee for this service.