Mail Services


As our designated U.S. Post Office and authorized representative for communicating and contracting with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) on behalf of the University, Mail Services

  • Receives, processes, and distributes incoming and outgoing business-related U.S. Mail
  • Distributes interoffice mail to campus departments
  • Handles incoming and outgoing letters and packages weighing less than 70 pounds with a total length-plus-width measuring less than 108 inches 
  • Sells postage stamps to campus departments
  • Processes bulk mailings using metered postage or stamps
  • Provides special pick-up and delivery services to campus departments


Boalt and Simon Halls

There is no direct USPS mail pick-up or delivery to any central campus location, including Boalt and Simon Halls. Instead, all USPS mail addressed to zip code 94720-7200 is received by Mail Services at 2000 Carleton Street and delivered daily to the Boalt Mail Room. Outgoing Berkeley Law mail is collected from locations in Boalt and Simon Halls and organized by the Boalt Hall Mail Room for daily pick-up by Mail Services.