To improve security and streamline payment of our shipping invoices, Berkeley Law maintains a single, online-only FedEx account with multiple authorized users.

Request access to

Send your request to  In just a day or two, you will receive an email message directly from FedEx (with a link to inviting you to set up your user name and password.  Check your spam – FedEx messages have been known to get intercepted by some spam filters.  Please set your account up quickly after receiving the message – the invitation to log in will expire within a few days of receipt.

Bill shipments to Berkeley Law via your Speedtype

A “Speedtype” is simply a condensed version of a chartstring.  FedEx uploads our shipping invoices directly to the campus financial system – no wasteful paper invoices –  and a Speedtype allows your shipping charges to be posted automatically to your chartstring.   Enter your Speedtype in the Billing Details section of the Prepare Shipment screen – only Speedtypes belong in the “Your reference” field.  A Speedtype must be activated in the campus financial system before use.  If you need a Speedtype, contact  

FedEx envelopes and boxes

FedEx supplies are available in 464 Law Building, 791 Simon Hall, and 325 Law Building. Create and print your shipping labels via your account. Generic paper shipping forms can no longer be used for shipments billed directly to Berkeley Law.  If you use a handwritten paper label, you will need to pay for the shipment with your own funds and request reimbursement.  If you don’t find the FedEx supplies you need in these locations, send a message to

Prepaid labels for incoming shipments

To create a prepaid label to give to someone who will be sending shipments to Berkeley Law at our expense from an address in the United States, open your online account, then click on the grey Prepare Shipment tab and select Create Return Shipment. You may send your completed prepaid label directly to your shipper by email.  It is not possible to create a prepaid shipping label for international addresses due to customs and security restrictions.

Package pick up – Boalt Hall

Place your outgoing letters and small packages in the secure FedEx mailbox located in the Boalt Hall garage.  If your outgoing shipment includes items that won’t fit through the mailbox slot, you can schedule a FedEx pick-up for a specific location.  Log in to, click on the Ship tab at the top of the screen, and select Schedule a Pickup.  You’ll need to have a FedEx shipping label affixed to each outgoing item before the FedEx courier arrives.

Personal shipments

If you would like to create a label for a personal shipment, simply log in to using your own personal account.  Remember that your Berkeley Law user name and password will automatically connect you to our master account and bill your shipment to the University.