Central Distribution


Use location code REGEA00000 3200-3300 Regatta Blvd, E as your BearBuy shopping cart ship-to address to direct all eligible purchases to Central Distribution for receiving.  Additional instructions are provided on this flyer:

Using the Correct Address Format for Incoming Shipments (PDF)

Central Distribution

UC Berkeley’s warehouse, located in nearby Richmond, receives all incoming freight for the campus and quickly delivers your shipments to your Berkeley Law location at no charge.  Central Distribution also receives and inspects your incoming shipments – damaged, unwanted, or misdirected merchandise can be rejected right at the warehouse.

Eligible Purchases

Packages and boxes weighing over 70 pounds and with a length + width greater than 108 inches

Large quantities, even if individual boxes weigh less than 70 pounds each and/or have a length + width less than 108 inches

Purchases of merchandise with odd dimensions or unknown weight (a large area rug, for example)

Any purchase to be delivered by truck

Furniture purchases