Berkeley Law Notary Services

Please note: This page applies only to law school faculty, students and staff. Non-law school students, staff and faculty should refer to a list of local Berkeley notaries, found here Also, as we cannot accept on-demand requests for notary services, please schedule an appointment with us (see below).  Appointments are available on most Fridays, from 2-5 p.m.


Berkeley Law has two employees with active notary public commissions who volunteer this service at no charge to law school faculty, students and staff.  Only professional documents which directly relate to furthering the business needs of Berkeley Law will be notarized.  

Please note that there are many different forms of notarization.  Self-selection of notarial form is required, as our notaries are precluded by law from assisting you in this process. Accordingly, if you have questions about the appropriate notarial form for your document(s), please check with the requesting agency or individual for guidance prior to setting an appointment with us.  The National Notary Association provides useful descriptions of some of the most common types of notarizations on their website.


Prior to setting an appointment with Berkeley Law Notary Services, please:

  1. With specificity, identify the document(s) to be notarized;
  2. Identify the required form of notarization (acknowledgment, jurat, apostille, etc.) for your document(s).  If the required form of notarization is unknown to you, contact the requesting/issuing agency or individual for guidance;
  3. Allow at least 30 minutes for the notarization process; and
  4. Ensure that all signatories to the document(s) will be present at your appointment and can produce a valid, government-issued, photo ID (see below for details).

*Berkeley Law Notary Services reserves the right to reschedule all notary appointments.  Additionally, notary services will be suspended during all exam periods.

Any U.S. state-issued driver’s license or ID card; Canadian or Mexican driver’s license; U.S. passport or foreign passport stamped by USCIS; USCIS ID card (green card, naturalization or immigration documents); State, county, or city employee ID card (issued by the State of California only).

Identification cards must be current or, if expired, issued within the past five years, and must contain a photograph, signature, physical description, and a serial or identifying number.  U.S. passports are acceptable even if they do not contain the bearer’s physical description.

Other acceptable forms of identification can be found here.

To schedule an appointment with us, please:

Review the “BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT” section, above;

Complete and submit the following form:

Unfortunately, UC Berkeley central campus no longer offers notarial services from general campus notaries.  Accordingly, if none of the Boalt notaries are available, other local Berkeley notaries can be found here.