New Info about EIW

You may now log in to the b-Line and see
the employers that have signed up for EIW so far.  Just click on
the OCI tab at the top of the b-Line homepage.  (If the link to
the b-Line above does not take you to the CalNet Authentication
screen, but to a different login screen that asks for your email
address, you should clear your browser cache —
— and then try again.)

You will only see the schedules of employers who are interviewing for your class year (current count for 2Ls (Class of 2016) is over 197 employer schedules; 3Ls (Class of 2015) should see 20 schedules).

We are currently working on our EIW webpage (Click on Jobs and Career Options, then on Interview Programs) and plan to have it updated by the end of next week.  We will
let you know when the update is complete.  (The page currently
contains information from 2013, however the majority of the
procedural guidelines will apply again this year.)  In the
meantime, email us or give us a call if you have any questions
about EIW or about your current summer job — remember we’re
here all summer.

This is a good time to begin revising your resume and — if you
are planning on doing an out-of-town job search — drafting a
cover letter.  (No cover letters are required for EIW bidding,
although a few employers have instructed students to bring a
cover letter to the interview.)  We’d be happy to review drafts
and provide feedback.  Send them to us at
Getting your materials to us early (no later that July 11th)
will ensure they receive a careful review and are back in your
hands in time for them to be of maximum usefulness to you.
BTW — those of you at firms this summer may want to follow
this link
to a 1 page article offering 10 quick and useful summer
associate success tips.

Important Dates to Keep in Mind:

July 11 – deadline to email your resume (and cover
letter, if needed) to
for review

July 21 through 28 – EIW bidding period

Aug. 4 through 8 – EIW

Aug. 25 through Sept. 5 – FIP Phase 1 (we will be sending out
information regarding FIP soon)

Sept. 8 through Oct. 2 – FIP Phase 2