Advancement Left

  • Global Bear Print: Alumni Spread Influence Across The World (06/12/2016)

    Visiting Scholars Program Director Lauren Webb says international scholars are drawn to Berkeley Law’s expert faculty, especially in key global areas such as environmental law, intellectual property, and business law. 

  • Connecting His Community (06/12/2016)

    One major priority for Kuo: stimulating a more engaged alumni base in the Bay Area and beyond. A cornerstone of that effort is a new portal and database to facilitate networking, collaboration, and mentoring between alumni and students worldwide.

  • The Reciprocal Value Of ‘Partners In Leadership’ (06/12/2016)

     My favorite part is talking to alumni about what’s going on at the school. There’s so much exciting stuff happening that alumni aren’t aware of. Once you give some examples, it’s eye-opening, and people enthusiastically get on board.