Class of 1977

Alumni Reunion 2022 banner - Sept. 30-Oct. 2 with campanile and sunset. Links to main reunion page.


Do you enjoy catching up with your classmates? Are you the person who rallies others to participate in events? If so, we invite you to join your class reunion committee.

Alumni Reunion Weekend will take place September 30 – October 2. Registration opens on June 1st.

Class committee members encourage classmates to attend Alumni Reunion Weekend, and inspire classmates to support Berkeley Law. 

Please contact to inquire about joining your class committee.

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Committee Members

Eric Behrens
Cathy DeBono Holmes
Joyce Hicks
Earle Jones

David Louie
Susan Martin
Emily Vasquez

Who’s Coming?

Eric Behrens
Rochel Blachman
Susan Foote
Margurite Fuller
Joyce Hicks
Catherine DeBono Holmes
Larry Hom
David Louie
Bernard Lu
Susan Martin
Marcheta Allen-Mines

Marv Pearlstein
Rene Rambo-Rodgers
Florence Reed
Ray Santana
Charles Scott
Gerson Smoger
Lujuana Treadwell
David Utevsky
Emily Vasquez
John Warner
Norma Williams

Lost Classmates

Please help us get back in touch with your classmates for whom we have no email address. If you have any contact information for these classmates, please email

Kwame Ankra
Brent Appel
Dennis Bicknell
Ilana Bolchover
Donna Brorby
Evangeline Brown
Salvador Castaneda
Manuel Delgado
Gary Eakins
Goldie Eng
Seymour Floyd
Carol Francone
Michael Freed
Fred Fujioka
John Gabrielli
Jack Glazer
Karen Gray
Leilan Greer
Daniel Hall
Ann Harrington
Lawrence Hom
Roeslan Hutabarat

Luis Islas
Anna Jeans
Margaret Jennings
Darryl Johnston
Douglas Kurdys
Timothy LaFrance
Marion Lane
Peter Lane
John Laskin
Donovan Leighton
Steven Levy
Reinier Lock
Vuelta Lowe
Dennis Lucarelli
Byron-Eric Martinez
Steven Matthias
Mildred McGhee
Wendy Morgan
Suriya Nana
Stephen Nordyke
James Oswald
Patrick Paterson
Carol Pfeiffer
Patricia Pineda

Mary Pougiales
Joseph Pujols
Roberto Rabago
Fredrick Ramp
Jon Rathjen
Mark Richey
Thomas Rordam
Karin Rumstedt
Ray Santana
Robert Sepe
Anthony Skrocki
Barbara Smith
Merrill Storms
Guillermo Suarez
Cathy Surace
Yo Takeuchi
Rita Theisen
Charles Thulin
Tesfaye Tsadik
Arne Wagner
Josefina Walker
Mary Widenor
Gail Wilson
Adam Yanow