Class of 1967

Alumni Reunion 2022 banner - Sept. 30-Oct. 2 with campanile and sunset. Links to main reunion page.


Do you enjoy catching up with your classmates? Are you the person who rallies others to participate in events? If so, we invite you to join your class reunion committee.

Alumni Reunion Weekend will take place September 30 – October 2. Registration opens on June 1st.

Class committee members encourage classmates to attend Alumni Reunion Weekend, and inspire classmates to support Berkeley Law. 

Please contact to inquire about joining your class committee.

Committee Members

Ken Goldman
Don Greenberg
Jim McManis

Who’s Coming?

Robb Ball
Ruth Greenspan Bell
Michael Fischer
Robert L. Nolan

Lost Classmates

Please help us get back in touch with your classmates for whom we have no email address. If you have any contact information for these classmates, please email

Hans Andersen
Ronald Angell
Charles Boyle
Alan Butler
David Chadwick-Brown
James Chaffee
Yun Cheung
Chayut Chiralerspong
Michael Collins
Stephen Cornwell
Dharam Dass
Klaus David
James Devall
Charles Dodson
Stephen Dunlap
Hans-Georg Feick
Richard Friedman
Daniel Frost

Stuart Goldschen
Neil Goldschmidt
Jerry Green
Stephen Greenleaf
Robert Harlem
Frederick Hoffman
Dallas Holmes
Andrea ImperialiJosaphat Kanywanyi
David Klemm
Donald Matheson
Charles McBurney
David Meyers
Robert Murphy
Dante Nomellini
Michael Oliver
Dale Parham
Charles Peluso
Paula Peters
Hans Pietsch

Richard Platz
Barry Plotkin
Richard Rush
Akilagpa Sawyerr
Robert Scherle
Erhard Schwinne
James Sherren
John Shultz
Eric Smith
Craig Sommers
Einar Sunde
Buron Teale
Gary Watson
Richard Weisbart
Peter Weiss
Mark Welden
Stanley Williams
Charles Wilson
Gunter Witzsch
Kelly Wooster