Are you interested in connecting more frequently with your fellow Boalt alumni? Would you like to see more events such as happy hours, outdoor activities, or videoconferences with Boalt faculty that connect you with your alma mater and your former classmates? YOU are the key to making that happen! 

“BoaltNet” is a network of volunteer-led affinity groups (based on class year, geographic region, or practice area, for example) which will meet quarterly or semi-annually. YOU lead the charge in determining the parameters of the group (Classes of 1990-1999? IP attorneys practicing in Silicon Valley? All alumni from the Denver area?), YOU determine the activity, and YOU set the date, time, and location. The Alumni Center will support you by distributing email invitations to alumni in your targeted group and managing RSVPs. BoaltNet gatherings have taken place in locales including the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Washington DC, San Diego, and Chicago, and we’re looking for more volunteer leaders to spearhead additional groups in different regions.

Please note that BoaltNet events must have a direct tie-in to Berkeley Law and its alumni base. Additionally, the Alumni Center cannot help promote events that endorse a political party, political candidate, or outside organization.

If you’re interested in coordinating a BoaltNet chapter, email or call 510.642.9045. Become a BoaltNet leader today.